"We Want to Talk freely' Camp

28 July, 2022 [Article]

Camp closing:
"We want to speak freely" Camp

The first summer camp in Cyrenaica was concluded today, Thursday, under the title "We want to speak freely", which opened last Saturday and lasted for six consecutive days, with the participation of 42 male and female students from primary and middle classes. This camp was supervised by a group of Palestinian Center supporters and volunteers from the governorates of Nablus, Tulkarm, Jenin, and Ramallah.

The camp included a large number of diverse paragraphs. There are patriotic paragraphs, civil paragraphs, painting, joy, fun, sports, singing, and theater, where the camp aimed to find sufficient space for participants to express their reality in which they live and their dreams and aspirations of living in dignity under a Palestinian state. An independent state committed to the freedoms and rights of all its citizens, regardless of gender, religion, color, or political affiliation.

As for the camp’s outputs, the most important of which was the setting up of an exhibition of drawings in the village council hall, which included 42 paintings produced by the participants, talking about freedoms in general, and freedom of opinion and publishing in particular. The students’ families and activists of political parties and civil activities in the town who shared their joy and participated in their exhibition The artwork is of their own making, which expresses their pain and their rosy dreams for the future.

In addition to the exhibition, the participants also presented a theatrical sketch and a lyric link. The ceremony ended with the support of the Palestinian Center, who supervised the activities of the camp, and the volunteers and volunteers in Barqa performed the Palestinian Dabkeh to the tune of the song "Ali Kufic" by the Palestinian artist Muhammad Assaf.

It is worth noting that the Palestinian artist, Majd Al-Masry, was the one who trained and raised the capabilities of the participants and increased their ability to express themselves in painting in the second half of the camp.

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