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The project that the PCPD is implementing is entitled: Palestinian Women in Politics is one of the most important projects under the Women Program at the organization. The Woman Program aims to empower young women and promote their full participation in the political, democratic, and decision-making processes.

The overall objective of this project is to empower groups of young women representing women community based organizations to be actively engaged in the policy processes on the national and local levels, leading towards an environment where women are agents of change in their communities; where women can find a safe space in these organizations to be active in the private sphere.

This report covers the activities conducted during the year 2015, and this is the second report submitted this year. During the year 2015, many innovative and interesting activities were conducted and this was represented in the implementation of campaigns, with various events that bring the activists and women from CSOs together. In the meantime, the young women met together as a group, held follow up and brainstorming sessions, received training on issues of interest to them and worked together as a team, had a chance to mingle, relax , attend wellbeing sessions and talk about personal and private feelings that will make them feel better as individuals and leaders. Further there were film screening and the production of three short documentary films, planned and implemented by the young women in the project.

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