A meeting with Mrs. Amani Abu Sneineh

March 9

Under the title "We want to speak freely," the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy, in collaboration with the Coalition for Integrity and Accountability ("Aman"), held a multilateral meeting with Mrs. Amani Abu Sneineh, Director of the Department of Culture and Youth, in which representatives from civil society institutions, youth activists, and the media participated.

The results of an opinion poll prepared on the actuality of freedom of opinion and expression, as well as the questions and results contained in it, were reviewed during the meeting. Mrs. Amani stated that this initiative is important in terms of exchanging views and promoting a culture of dialogue, and that ongoing meetings on freedom of opinion and expression should be held. She also stated that we have a freedom margin compared to other Arab countries, and that freedom of opinion and expression is a right, and that there is a difference between insults, treason, and infidels, and constructive criticism for the sake of development. The Fundamental Law

This meeting is part of the Palestinian Center's "We Want to Talk Freely" project, which is being carried out in collaboration with Aman. This project is part of the Civil Forum's attempt to improve governance in the Palestinian security sector.

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